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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of events can be hosted on Virtually Events?

We pride ourselves on conventions, conferences and tradeshows, but we can customize any event to gather live people into a virtual place.

Can I sell tickets to my event on Virtually Events

Yes, We help creative businesses like yours generate more profits by building tools that will create a successful event and one of our favorite attributes is our ticketing system.  Whether it is a paid ticket, RSVP, should include meal options, or varying VIP levels, we've got you!

How long does it take to setup an event?

Setup can take as little as a few days, or weeks for design, creation and onboarding.  We are very thorough and we want you to use the tools we have included to be successful!  Whatever it takes... we are in it together to make your event sensational!

How do I market my online event?

Very much the same way that you market a live event.  In the end, it is a matter of "where your attendees will arrive" for the event.  Think of your virtual space as a place without a parking lot.  You will still market your event as if they have somewhere to go, without requiring gas to get there...

Rest assured, we have tools to help you with marketing through our drip marketing and broadcast email tools, as well as strategic digital marketing tools!  Remember...  we're in this together!

How many Exhibitors can I have in an Exhibit Hall?

As many as you want.  We are virtual... so our space is unlimited.  You won't have to call to see if the auditorium or neighboring exhibit hall is available on your date as you grow.  Our doors are always open and when you run out of room because your event is taking off... "we'll just build another hall for you" in a matter of minutes!

Can I have LIVE entertainment in the Auditorium?

YES!  With live streaming or webcasting, we can support streaming "on stage" in the Auditorium!  Have a series of live events to host throughout the day?  We've got you!

Our Conferences have Tracks for our Attendees... How does that work?

We can build as many tracks as you need with access to only the spaces an attendee has "keys" to.  Take the commute and the crowds away, and we can build the same information highway your attendees would gain by attending in person.