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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to setup?

Not at all. Our design team creates your custom virtual event space from your design ideas and adding exhibitors or speakers is as easy as filling out a form.

Who builds the booths for our exhibitors at conventions?

Your exhibitors do and it is so simple for them. They gain their own access to a dashboard, which asks them to enter information about their business, insert links to social media, upload logo and images, etc.. Their booth magically appears in your beautiful exhibit hall. They can log in and make changes if/when they need to.

What will my event look like?

It will look exactly how you want to present your event to the world. You will design each room based on how you want to portray your event, whether that is based on your typically live event, or a new concept for a virtual presence. Because it is virtual... you can have virtually anything!

How long does it take to design our first event?

Depending on the design of your event, we can you have your custom space up and ready to use in just as little as 7 days. Fresh designs and new ideas take longer, but our design and development team are amazing and our typical customization window is 2-3 weeks.

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Every Event is Unique

Our design & development team is committed to ensuring your unique event needs are addressed.

Event needs vary based on: