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We Host Your Event Virtually
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Virtual Trade Show Event Platform

We create a Virtual Space for your attendees to meet your Exhibitors, Speakers, and Thought Leaders in a Virtual Exhibit Hall, Auditorium, or on Virtual Tracks for a curated experience. Every space is designed to match your brand and the look of your "live experience"

Attendee Registration, Ticket Sales & Management

The Event Registration Module is so versatile, allowing event organizers to create pre-registration, registration and/or paid tickets for classes, webinars, trade events, fundraisers, job fairs, conferences, conventions, and other community events.

CRM / Prospect Management

The CRM System is used to track your contact (interaction) with Exhibitors and prospects. With this tool, you can record your emails, visits, and phone calls with your Exhibitors and prospects. You can also report on these contacts. We have a complete CRM system for your needs. Have multiple sales reps and need to track accounts by sales rep? This system will do that. Equipped with a full history of contacts from calls to emails, to drip marketing messages, you will be able to see a great history of your prospective exhibitors.

Branded Space

We build a dedicated space for your Virtual Event, meaning that when your attendees visit your event, they are not going to see our platform logo all over the place, or even a hint that we exist. They will see you! You are the star!  The address for your event will be: YourEventName.VirtuallyEvents.com

Exhibitor Management

The Exhibitor Billing System is an extension of the Exhibitor database that allows you to create Exhibitor invoices and track payments. This part of the Virtually Events System is designed to be flexible, offering a variety of features from which an Event Producer can pick-and-choose to meet their particular needs.

Drip Marketing

Would you like to onboard your Exhibitors and Sponsors with tips and tools that help them gain the most from their experience with you?  Our platform comes with a drip marketing solution for that.  Drip marketing is also great to keep a pipeline of engaging emails to prospective exhibitors and has proven to be an excellent sales tool.

Exhibitor Directory

The Virtually Events Platform also assembles your Exhibitors into a professional directory that can be displayed on your website, or on your Virtually Events Platform page. This directory can display your Exhibitor’s logos, include a hyperlink to your Exhibitor’s website and create a year-round marketing presence for your Clients, thus bringing added value to their presence with you. This does not cost anything extra.

List Manager

Need to maintain a separate list of contacts, such as presenters, speakers, or instructors? You can. You can create emails and communications for specific lists and categorize contributors into groups.

Broadcast Email System

The Broadcast Email Message feature allows an Admin to send a simple or full HTML email to the entire Exhibitor database, specific event, particular category, event registrants or even past Exhibitors. The Admin is presented with a menu to "send a new message" or to "re-send/add recipients" to a message already sent. In addition to Broadcast Messaging, the Virtually Events System is setup to send out a variety of other emails (event invitations, survey emails, etc.). For all these tools to work it is essential to have an accurate and up-to-date email list. To make this easier, we provide a Bounced Email report.